Droxundus is a thriving metropolis, built upon the shores of the Nasiri River in the lush Verthollow Grasslands. The city is a member of the Khedesh Commonwealth, an oligarchy nation located in eastern Kelant. It is home to nearly forty thousand people, and is divided into four quarters: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper.

The Platinum Quarter is home to the Prima, who are the highest caste in the Khedesh Commonwealth. Prima are the nobility of the land, all wealthy aristocrats, merchants and arcane spellcasters who are considered superior beings to the lesser castes. The word of a Prima is never to be questioned by the lower castes and must be carried out under pain of punishment by the authorities. Anyone of lesser caste who attacks a Prima is immediately marked for death.

The Platinum Quarter is the smallest section of the city but is by far the most luxurious. It is filled with top quality shops, festhalls, exclusive social clubs and the lavish residences of the Prima. Entrance into the Platinum Quarter is restricted to Primas and anyone direclty employed by Primas to work in the Platinum Quarter and those given permission to enter.

The Gold Quarter is where the majority of trade occurs in Droxundus and covers one-third of the city, making it the largest section. City Hall is also located here, where the Council of Coins presides over the governing of Droxundus. The Gold Quarter is by far the most active of all sections of the city and is rife with rumors and dealings of all kinds.

The Silver Quarter is the third largest section of Droxundus and houses the Secunda, who are the second caste in the Commonwealth. They are the administrators and enforcers of the law that is made by the Primas. Most Secunda families tend to serve a specific Prima House, and those that don’t specialize in a specific service. The quality of life is good here and the shops and businesses in the Silver Quarter are respectable but not as fancy as those in the Gold Quarter and a far cry from the elegance found in the Platinum Quarter. The docks on the western banks of the Nasiri River lie in the Silver Quarter.

The Copper Quarter is the second largest section of Droxundus, and is the “blue-collar” part of town, home to the caste of people known as the Dross. The Dross are little more than slaves, able to be “selected” by Primas for service at will. They are mainly left to perform the common duties of society that are hard labor related. They are conscripted to fight in time of war but are never given any rank or given leadership roles. Dross are led by Secundas, who ultimately report to a Prima. They are the fodder and workers of the Khedesh Commonwealth, and are treated poorly here in Droxundus. Primas are rarely, if ever seen in the Copper Quarter, and Secundas come here only when needed, leaving this section of the city to police itself. As a result gang activity is high, but crime is kept in check more or less within each of the gang’s territories within the Quarter. Businesses and residences here are quite shabby, and it’s suffice to say that many a shady dealings are carried out here. The docks on the eastern banks of the Nasiri River are located in the Copper Quarter.


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