Sadistic, necrophilic, necromancer temporarily released from the ebonlands


Str: 10 (+0) Dex: 15 (+2) Con: 12 (+1) Int: 19 (+4) Wis: 15 (+2) Cha: 11 (+0)

HP: 7 AC: 12 Touch: 12 Flat footed:10 Speed: 30 feet Init: 2

Fort: 1 Ref: 2 Will: 4

BAB: 0

Skills: Appraise 8 (1 rank, 4 ability, 3 class), Knowledge (arcana) 8 (1 rank, 4 ability, 3 class), Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 8 (1 rank, 4 ability, 3 class), Knowledge (Nature) 8 (1 rank, 4 ability, 3 class), Knowledge (Planes) 8 (1 rank, 4 ability, 3 class), Knowledge (Religion) 11 (1 rank, 3 skill focus, 4 ability, 3 class), Linguistics 8 (1 rank, 4 ability, 3 class), Spellcraft 11 (1 rank, 3 skill focus, 4 ability, 3 class)

Languages: Common, Draconic, Infernal, Elven, Undercommon, Elemental, Celestial

Feats: Skill focus (spellcraft), Skill focus (knowledge (religion)), Scribe scroll

Traits: residual glory, tasty soul

Alignment: Neutral evil

Deities: Elhaym & Orobolus principally

Special abilities: Arcane bond (ring), prohibited schools (Conjuration and Universal), necromancy specialist bonus, Grave touch

Spells: Cause fear, Charm person, Chill touch, Feather fall, Ray of enfeeblement, Disguise self, Silent image

Equipment: Spell component pouch (5 gp), soap (1 sp), bedroll (1 sp), war razor (8 gp), 5 masterwork condoms (5 gp), signet ring (5 gp) 2 pounds of walnuts (6 sp), quart of honey ( 2 sp), small steel mirror (10 gp), backpack (2 gp), 3 bottles of fine wine (30 gp), entertainer’s outfit (free outfit), noble outfit (75 gp), gallon of almond oil (10 gp), whip (1 gp), silk rope (10 gp), 1 pound of cheese (2 sp), 100 candles (1 gp), flint and steel (1 gp), scrimshaw comb (10 gp), gold necklace with malachite pendant (30 gp) masterwork arcane bonded ring, spellbook, 5 gp 8 sp

Physical description: A 62 inch tall boy with eyes that look to be little more than over dilated pupils on pure white sclera due to pitch black irises. They are set in deep, highly rounded, sunken sockets with a hairless brow. His face has unusually high cheek bones, a squarish, and a thin pointed nose. His lips are thin and lapis blue in color hiding pearly white teeth. His ears are rounder than normal and lay rather flat on on the sides of his his head. His hair is a deep blood red that hangs down to his knees. His small hands have long slender fingers lacking much flesh at all giving his hands a skeletal look. His torso is smooth and hairless with only a small change in texture indicating the nipples. The muscles of the chest, and the rest of the body for that matter, are lacking in definition showing neither neglect nor the tone that would come from frequent use. His abdomen is smooth showing neither fat nor muscle tone. His shoulders and hips are both narrow giving his torso a rather tube like appearance. His spindly arms and legs show the same lack of muscle toning as the rest of his body. His feet are narrow and rather small. His skin is coal black serving to make his hair and lips stand out as the only accents of color on his body and his teeth and eyes seem all that much whiter in contrast.


Long ago he was born to a family of grave robbers who frequently took him out with them to help in one way or another. During this time he got to see the beauty of the dead. The serene poses of eternal sleep and the perfection of bone once it was no longer hidden by the flawed flesh. He was never strong or agile like most of them but he was smart. While they took the gold, jewels, and tools he took books and studied the bodies. He eventually learned how to make the bodies from the graves simply free themselves and bring forth the riches his family was after.

One night he was approached by a rather handsome man who claimed to have taken note of his work and the fact that he was rather low on books to further his studies. In the course of the conversation the man mentioned that the local temple would have many books on the subject in addition to holding all sorts of raw material in the graveyards. He led his army of undead in an assault against the temple turning the clerics into huecuva as they fell to his hordes. When the battle was done he defiled the temple by having his army collect everyone from the city and rape them nearly to death inside of the temple. The holy symbols were destroyed and shortly after the man from before walked in having been held back by the places holy power before and collected the items from the vault. They had been stored here to avoid their great power from falling into the wrong hands or to avoid their evil tainting anyone who might get a hold of them. Lucifer walked up to him as he was about to leave and instead of being angry for being used like the man had expected he was happy and thanked the man for giving him the idea. He had no interest in the items the man was taking and the books were left behind, so he counted this as a win.

Seeing a chance to make this task a little more profitable for his boss he instructed Lucifer to show his gratitude by sacrificing the townsfolk to his master, Apoxalon, and trapping their souls to be taken back to the ebonlands. He quickly agreed and once instructed in the proper rites he began torturing and sacrificing them in a large chain long ceremony. The man came back at the end to collect the souls and decided to keep an eye on Lucifer as he could likely be manipulated to provide many more souls with little work.

He quickly began working his way through the texts and bodies as he learned more of his craft. Once everyone in the area except for him was dead and he had combed over the texts in the temple enough times to recite them from memory he moved on leaving the undead he could not control to simply inhabit the ruins of the temple. He wandered the world for several more centuries studying the various undead that existed and experimenting with his magics. All this destruction was fine for spreading misery and bringing a small amount of evil into the world but it was not really bringing a lot of people into Apoxalon’s power or the ebonlands for that matter.

So, the man set about fixing that. He appeared before Lucifer and offered to grant him a wish in exchange for a continued tribute of souls. After discussions of what both sides needed and wanted they came to an understanding and began talking terms. Eventually they struck upon the idea of expanding his influence over undead by making intelligent ones that perceived him become fanatically loyal and unintelligent ones instantly fall under his control. It would be maintained by sending souls to the ebonlands and extra credit would be given for any that went directly to Apoxalon.

Lucifer quickly began returning to all the places where he had left hordes of uncontrolled undead quickly putting them under his control and stopping their depredations on the living nearby. Since it had been generations since he was last in these areas no one recognized him as the one who had created them and all of them welcomed him as a savior. They were the ones to have him the name Lucifer, the light bringer. The living saw the undead cower in his wake and thought it was fear the undead all saw him differently but always perfect and glorious.

He set up governments in these places that were rife with corruption and had many crimes that got them sent to prison colonies which were just excuses to have them disappear. Those sent to the prison colonies became sacrifices and had their souls sent to Apoxalon in little containers or if the showed potential were sent to be the leader of an other city to spread the corruption further. He used the dead bodies to continue his experiments and created several new types of undead but his crowning achievement was a type that captured the souls of the creatures it killed and pulled power out of them as they constantly generated it like little suns. Things were going well for over 1000 years under this system and both sides of the deal were satisfied with the deal.

But like all things it broke down eventually. The cities began sending more and more people to the prison colonies as people were becoming less and less able to pay the bribes or prove themselves of value. Lucifer just assumed that this was because the cities were growing and figured sending more souls directly to Apoxalon would only serve to improve him standing. What he did not know was that he was losing the most valuable part of the system he created by having the cities stagnate and fail the spread their corruption to insure growth. This continued until finally he was no longer keeping up his end of the bargain. He lost his boon and the unintelligent undead turned on him. The intelligent ones kept their fanaticism and fought to defend him, but were slaughtered by the far more numerous hordes.

Without Lucifer to back their power the cities fell apart and were plowed under by several nature oriented orders who wiped out the remainder of his undead and the corruption the cities represented. Some of the people made their way into the druidic orders or cults of that encouraged forgiveness. As time wore on many forgot their dark roots and became genuinely good people stealing even more souls from Apoxalon’s grasp than would have been lost had Lucifer’s fall been more gentle. Eons passed while Lucifer was tormented in the ebonlands and memory of his reign on Pariatas faded and was lost to time.


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