An upper-middle class fiend of the Ebonlands on the rise in recent decades. His collection of souls has been steadily increasing and thus his power and influence in the realm of the damned. He is cunning and cruel, with a penchant for brutal violence and unprovoked malice towards his ‘property’. He is a staunch believer in the ‘might makes right’ philosophy in regards to his own hierarchy of subordinates, yet takes a more subdued, cerebral approach towards corrupting potential souls he can claim once they die.

His methods of torturing souls include allowing his minions and pets to feed on souls, extreme isolation and sensory deprivation (usually resulting in madness), scorching, boiling, dismemberment, flaying, drowning, and much more invasive and disturbingly grotesque methods that will not be mentioned for the sake of retaining your lunch.

Artwork by Jongsoo Kim


Dirge of the Damned DoomCrow