A duskblade, now returned to the land of the living, after some two hundred years spent in the Ebonlands.


Male human; Ht: 6’1”; Wt: 210; Age: 42; Back hair and short beard with mustache; Piercing green eyes and permanent scowl on face.

Ability Scores: Str 17(+3), Dex 14(+2), Con 13(+1), Int 18(+4), Wis 10(0), Cha 14(+2)

HP: 9; Alignment: Neutral Evil; Deity: Vilkurnas

AC: 17, Flat-footed: 15, Touch: 12; Speed: 30’; Init: +4

BAB: +1; CMB: +4; Saves: Fort: +2(+3), Ref: 0(+2), Will: +2(+2)

Skills: Acrobatics 1(4), Intimidate 1(6), Linguistics 1(4), Ride 1(4), Sense Motive 1(4), Spellcraft 1(4), Swim 1(4)

Feats: Weapon Focus (longsword), Sudden Silent

Languages: Common, Elven, Goblin, Orc, Abyssal, Infernal

Traits: Fear Tactician, Reactionary

Special Abilities: Arcane Attunement: Use spell-like powers up to 7/day total: dancing lights, detect magic, flare, ghost sound, and read magic; Armored Mage (light)

Spells cast per day: 3 0-level, 3 1st-level

Spells Known: 0-level: acid splash, daze, disrupt undead, mage hand, ray of frost, touch of fatigue; 1st-level: color spray, Kelgore’s fire bolt

Equipment: Masterwork longsword (+5 Att bonus, Crit 19-20/x2; Dam d8+3)

Masterwork chain shirt – under outfit (+4 AC, -1 check pen, 0% spell fail, speed 30’); Lt steel shield (+1 AC, 0% spell fail)

Courtier’s outfit w/ 50gp of jewelry (to impress nobles); 2 belt pouches, whetstone, scroll case, vial ink & quill, 10 parchment, waterskin, soap, spell comp. pouch, 11gp, 4sp, 8cp


Nicodemos, or Nicky, as his closest henchmen used to call him, is a complicated man. His original name was not even Nicodemos as this was a name given to him much later in life. His real name has long been forgotten and it is not even certain if Nicodemos could recall it, since it was a name he tried so hard to forget.

Born the only child of a lesser nobleman, Nicodemos’ life began much the same as anyone who is born into wealth. Like many boys he was mischievous and was not above an occasional act of cruelty towards his pets and other animals. But his father, whose name, like the rest of Nicky’s family is long forgotten, did not concern himself with Nicky’s boyhood pranks as he was often too preoccupied with his business affairs. And Nicky’s mother was no better for she was very naive and too caught up in the latest gossip to pay her young son much attention. Only the servants in the household were vaguely aware of Nicky’s growing cruelty. But, as they had a great fear of the master of the house, they did not dare say anything about his only son that might upset him.

So young Nicky was often left to his own devices. One of the things that Nicky’s parents did take note of concerning their son however, was that he was gifted with a great intellect and loved to spend hour after hour in his father’s vast library reading book after book. Nicky’s ability to learn quickly and his academic skills were, in fact, a source of great pride for his parents as he was often declared a boy genius.

But there eventually came a time when it became clear that young Nicky and his father did not see eye to eye on certain matters. At about the time that young Nicky was entering adolescence his father began demanding that he spend less and less time on his “trivial pursuits” and spend more and more time dealing with more important matters such as learning the family business and attending social functions. Then one day it all came to a head, when Nicky’s father became particularly abusive towards him. That night, Nicky snuck out of the house and never looked back.

He ran into the nearby woods where he came across a community of elves. The elves were friendly enough to him and in time Nicky came to know several of them very well. He was especially impressed with a couple of members of the elven community who were skilled in the rare arts of the duskblade. And after a number of months, during which Nicky was gradually welcomed into the community, Nicky convinced them to teach him the ways of the duskblade.

Years went by, and Nicky became quite proficient at the skills of a duskblade. But during these years, Nicky could not forget the harsh words his father had said to him the last time he had seen him, and Nicky became quite driven to one day prove to his father that he could make a name for himself – and he would do it his way, and without his father’s money. In fact, it became an obsession for him. During these years, Nicky also grew to be jealous of the elves with whom he lived, for he was never able to form any kind serious relationship with a female. He also became envious of the elves’ carefree lifestyle and began thinking that life had cheated him somehow. But, perhaps worst of all, he began to covet many of the elves’ possessions, particularly a number of magic items that he felt certain were not being used to their full potential and could be put to better use. In short, Nicodemos began to perceive the elves as foolish and weak.

So when Nicky was one day presented with the opportunity to aid a band of humanoids who were long-time enemies of the elves, he did not hesitate. Nicodemos made a deal with the humanoids, to give them plans and a means to conduct a devastating raid on the elven community in exchange for a certain number of these magic items. Then Nicky stood by and watched as the entire elven community, which had taken him in just a few short years before, was slaughtered before his eyes. It was much too late into the massacre when a voice screamed out in the back of his head, “My Gods! What have I done!” But Nicodemos pushed that voice to the side and buried it under a mound of pride and excuses.

From that day forward, Nicodemos spent the remainder of his life trying to convince himself that he was right to let the weak and ill-prepared fall by the wayside. In time, Nicodemos became the leader of a band of men, who came to him after hearing he had been responsible for the massacre. It was at this time that Nicodemos dropped his original name and assumed his new identity. The name Nicodemos was given to him by the villagers of a community near the range of hills where Nicky’s band set up their base of operations, as the villagers developed a great fear of Nicky’s bandits and Nicky in particular.

For more than two decades, Nicky’s bandits raided nearby settlements and terrorized the caravans which passed nearby. And all the while Nicky continued to tell himself that he had made a name for himself and was the born leader of men that he knew he could be. “If only dear old dad could see me now,” he would say to himself, never allowing himself to realize that he was nothing more than the leader of a band of thugs and cutthroats.

Finally, there came a time when a nearby kingdom sent troops into the hills where Nicky’s band operated out of. Nicky’s band was hunted down and each of its members was eventually killed or captured. Nicky however, went down fighting, defiant to the very last.

Personality: Nicky is a harsh man who, on the surface has a hatred for anything that he perceives as weak or foolish, which is most everything. Even in times of doubt, he will berate himself for having weak thoughts and quickly dismiss his fears. Nicodemos is used to having his way and ruling over others who he believes to be below him by using intimidation, which he is quite adept at. Nicky does, however believe there is some use in most of these perceived fools and weaklings – as cannon fodder.

Two hundred years spent in the Ebonlands however, has forced a change in his attitude somewhat. But now that he is about to be sent back to the land of the living, he fully expects to have another chance. So while he was never particularly religious, he intends to carry out his master’s wishes and make life as easy for himself as possible, while he bides his time, never suspecting that there still remains a part of him that still has regret for all the evil he has done in his life.


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