You remember your life vividly as if it were only yesterday, only you’ve been here for so long the concept of time means little to you now. In life you never considered this outcome, but in the end this fate befalls all who are wicked. The afterlife holds eternal damnation for you, an existence trapped in the Ebonlands, the native realm of all devils and demons you used to hear stories about as a child, only they are very real and they very much enjoy torturing you to death, over and over again. The demon who guided you on your path to damnation, whether you were aware of his influence, claimed your soul as his property upon your death and has put you to be tormented ever since. You count the moments of agony as they pass until you earn a few moments of respite when the demons tire of your screams, and they rarely ever tire of them.

You cannot fathom being able to sustain such agony across the breadth of eternity, but after what he believes is sufficient time to break you, your master has decided he has other plans for you. Thrown down at the feet of the demon who possesses you mind and soul, Lord Apoxalon stares down at you for a few moments before lifting you up by your scalp and dangling you there. It’s come time for this goat to leave the flock and do the work of the wolf. You will do as you are told, and you will not disappoint me worm or you will end up back in the pits with the rest of those I have no use for. Nashira, I leave these wretches to your command.

You emit an unearthly scream and then black out as the demon lord pops your head like a blister, dropping your bloody body to the floor. A few moments after his presence leaves the chamber you groggily awaken as your body reforms, a dreadful quality all damned souls in the Ebonlands possess. Leaning back on your knees as your vision clears, you get a good look at whom Lord Apoxalon was speaking to before your last untimely accident. Nashira gives you quite the grumpy look, apparently not happy to have been stuck with you. All right wretch, on your feet! We need to get you ready for the journey back to Pariatas. Yes, you heard me right, you’re going back to the realm of the living, with a new body and all. Don’t get too excited though, you won’t be there for a vacation. Lord Apoxalon wants his followers to begin staking out territory for his eventual arrival on that plane, and that’s why we plucked you out of the pits. So you had better get your head straight and be ready to follow orders, or it’s back to the feast down there with you! She points downward at the grated floor but you don’t even need to looks to know what’s down there. You don’t really know the why or the how but you do know that you’ve been given a chance at something here. Now it’s a matter of figuring out what to do with it..

In this game the characters have already lived out their lives and died, and their path has led them to eternal damnation. What your character has done to deserve this fate is up to the creativity of the players in this game, and of course will be part of their character’s background. Your jailor and tormentor, the fiend that owns your very soul has decided to send you back to the world of the living to establish his territory there. This is a second chance for you, what you do with it has yet to be determined.

The game will take place in the world of Pariatas on its continent of Kelant, the most civilized and populous of the six continents, referred to by its natives as the Cradle of Civilized Society. The party will arrive in a city called Droxundus, nestled in the Verthollow Grasslands on the Nasiri River, which lies in the heart of the Khedesh Commonwealth.

All characters in the party have had their souls become the ‘property’ of a demon known as Apoxalon, an upper-mid level fiend on the rise who has a substantial collection of souls. Every character has been dead for an indiscriminate amount of time, but the average time Apoxalon believes is best to ‘break’ a soul is 200 years and so everyone has been a guest of Apoxalon in the Ebonlands for at least that amount of time. You have been selected to become one of Apoxalon’s agents, a soul conscripted into his service to do his bidding and that of his underlings. You are given little to no information about what it is you’ll be doing at this point but you do know that Apoxalon wants to establish some sort of foothold in the land of the living, the world of Pariatas, your former home. Outside of that you haven’t a clue about what comes next, but since it has to do with Apoxalon and the living it probably has to do with adding to his collection.

Lord Apoxalon believes in strength being forged from weakness through trials of fire, so the party will begin at 1st level and prove to him that you’re worth the trouble of pulling out of eternal torment to be useful. I will be posting various traits and each character can select one of these to receive, which will give a mechanical bonus to the game and add some flavor to your character’s background and help further his or her development. I will hopefully have these traits as well as a lot more information for you posted in the next few days.

Dirge of the Damned

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